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PicoVerb Multieffects Processor
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PicoVerb Multieffects Processor

High-impact, high-density, highly responsive effects....

From our very first revolutionary effects processor (our first product, actually),
Alesis has been a mainstay in project studio racks and live sound rigs.

Whether pumping out sweet reverb, lush chorus and flanging, versatile delay, pitch shifting, rotary speaker simulation, or other effects, Alesis processors give
musicians and engineers ultra-affordable tools to make great mixes. The MidiVerb 4
and MicroVerb 4 offer the widest variety of effects, programmability, and user
locations. The NanoVerb features a preset selection of our top effects with one adjustable parameter each. And the newest member of the family, the PicoVerb, has
16 of our best effects in a too-cool-not-to-love box with 28-bit internal processing.

Alesis multieffects: It’s never been easier to get some personal space.


Dedicated input, mix, and program select knobs. Power LED. CONNECTIONS. Audio: 2 inputs, 2 outputs (1/4" TS).

Converters and resolution: 24-bit A/D/A, 28-bit internal processing, 48kHz internal sample rate. Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz +0/–2dB. Distortion: 0.01% THD+N. Signal-to-noise ratio: 101dB (A-weighted). Maximum levels: input +7dBu, output +5dBu.

9V AC external transformer, UL and CSA approved

(H x W x D): 1.5" x 4.25" x 5.3" (39mm x 108mm x 135mm), 1/4-U rackmount

1lbs (0.46kg)


_Ultra-affordable digital multieffects unit

_16 presets including halls, rooms, plates, chorus, flange, delay, and rotary speaker

_Stereo 24-bit 1/4" inputs and outputs

_28-bit internal processing, 48kHz sample

_Perfect for studio and sound reinforcement applications

_Super-compact 1/4-space rackmount

PicoVerb Presets:

HALL 1: A large, bright concert hall reverb suitable for vocals and instruments.

HALL 2: A large, warm concert hall reverb suitable for drums, piano, and other instruments.

ROOM 1: A medium-sized, moderately bright reflective room reverb suitable for vocals, lead guitars, and other instruments.

ROOM 2: A small, very reflective bright room reverb suitable for drums and percussion as well as electric guitars and other instruments.

ROOM 3: A large, warm room reverb suitable for acoustic instruments.

PLATE 1: A lush, smooth vocal plate reverb with a long decay time and warm tonality.

PLATE 2: Emulation of a vintage plate reverb with bright, slightly tinny tonality and a medium-length decay.

PLATE 3: A short, bright plate reverb effective for creating subtle spaces.

CHORUS: A complex, six-voice chorus ensemble effect with short delays, often referred to as a “Chorus/Doubler.” Discrete stereo signal path. Slow and watery.

FLANGE: Classic stereo flange. A slow, slightly metallic sweep with a discrete stereo signal path.

DELAY 1: A simple slap-back echo with no feedback, particularly effective on vocals and rhythm guitars.

DELAY 2: Medium-length polyrhythmic delay with crossover feedback. Useful for solo instruments where a long, trailing echo effect is desired.

CHORUS - ROOM 1: Room reverb into a slow flanging modulation creates a spacey effect.

CHORUS - ROOM 2: Fast modulation provides a dramatic chorus effect in a small room for a very lush chorus + reverb sound with a discrete stereo signal path.

VOCAL ELIMINATOR: Removes the vocal and lead instruments from the center of the stereo image of most audio sources.

ROTARY: Fast rotary speaker simulator creates the classic, lush Doppler effect of an organ’s spinning horn. Effective on guitars, vocals, keyboards and
other instruments.

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