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      Ableton New! Push Controller 2 + Live 9.5 Suite Full Editio

      $ 80.000

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      "ABLETON New! PUSH CONTROLLER 2 + LIVE 9.5 SUITE FULL EDITION! *Edicion Limitada para Argentina con ABLETON LIVE SUITE 9.6 INCLUIDO! Mas de 3000 Sonidos (54GB), 9 Instruments, 41 Efectos, Max for Live 64 pads retroiluminados 8 knobs de giro infinito sensibles al tacto Modo Clip/Launch para interpretación y grabación de arreglos en tiempo real Modo de escalas Pantalla multicolor de gran tamaño Tira táctil de 17cm para Pitch Bending y Scrolling 31 LEDs para navegación Placa frontal de aluminio Conexión USB Fuente de alimentación de 12V DC (1.25A) 2 entradas de footswitch Bloqueo Kensington Dimensiones: 378 x 303 x 42mm (ancho x profundo x alto) Peso: 2,71kg Incluye Ableton Live 9,5 Suite Fullç"

      Push 2 from Ableton is a completely redesigned USB hardware controller for use with the company's Live 10 software. When hooked up to a computer running the software, Push 2 becomes, in effect, a recording workstation, beat-creation tool, and virtual instrument. With control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, the controller puts the fundamental elements of music-making at your fingertips.
      The sixty-four velocity-and-pressure-sensitive pads allow for adjusting sounds and kits while playing with eight touch-sensitive endless encoders. Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with a track while adjusting swing or the repeat divisions in real time. Select a step and adjust timing and velocity individually for each cell.
      In addition to creating beats and triggering loops, the controller has been set up to allow for playing melodies and chords. Using the virtual instruments supplied with Live, melodic patterns can be easily played in any key using the same fingering. Improvising and experimenting with song structure is a breeze and all ideas can be recorded to Live.
      When all ideas and structures have been recorded, it is simply a matter of switching to the computer for fine-detail editing, further arranging, and song export. All work done using Push 2 is laid out in Live as if everything had been originally created in the software. Finally, for the ultimate in portability, the controller fits easily into a backpack with a laptop computer for transporting to a live performance.
      What's New
      - Complete redesign of the hardware interface by Ableton
      - Redesigned browser simplifies the finding and loading of sounds, instruments and FX
      - More focus on the hardware, less focus on the computer screen
      - Encoders offer intuitive control of parameters
      - Lower profile buttons with a tighter tolerance at the edges
      - Easy-to-read light-up text on the buttons fade to black when inactive
      - No color bleed when switching functions
      - RGB display with waveform overview
      - Enhanced integration with Ableton Live 10
      - Sampling is now an integrated workflow
      - Redesigned silicone pads are soft to the touch, but firm as you hit them
      - Intuitive and dynamic control over parameters
      - Plug-in integration works with Ableton effects and instruments, as well as AU and VST formats
      - Anodized aluminum-surface finish is scratch-resistantGeneral Features
      - 64-pad controller for use with Ableton Live 10 software
      - Play, step sequence, and navigate loops simultaneously
      - Play beats with the velocity-sensitive pads, and adjust sounds and kits while playing using eight touch-sensitive endless encoders
      - Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with a track while adjusting swing or the repeat divisions in real-time
      - Play notes and chords in every key using the same finger patterns
      - Move between keys at the touch of a button and explore new harmonies and phrases across the velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads
      - Push 2 utilizes Ableton Live running on a computer and provides the controller with a comprehensive collection of instruments and effects
      - Sounds are ready to be played, tweaked, and personalized
      - Fine-tune parameters in the instruments and effects using the touch-sensitive encoders while monitoring everything from Push 2's display
      - Improvise and play with song structure
      - Capture all musical ideas, duplicate and create variations, trigger, re-arrange, and create new combinations
      - When you're ready to get into arranging, detailed editing, and exporting your finished song, switch from Push 2 to the computer to find the music already laid out in Ableton Live
      - Perfect performance controller with pads that can be instantly repurposed into a clip-launching grid


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