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Ecualizador 3 bandas Transmisor FM y Entrada p/Micrófono

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Ecualizador de 3 bandas con Transmisor FM y Entrada p/Micrófono.

AGE-AIR World First Vocal Blender FM Transmitter EQ

These days more and more Acoustic guitars tend to have the pickups and equalizers on the guitar body, but most of the guitar customers, who are beginners and amateur players, are unlikely to have an acoustic guitar amplifier so it seems difficult for them to have a chance of using pickups and equalizer because the acoustic guitar amplifiers are less various and more expensive than electric guitar amplifiers.
However general home mini stereo, portable stereo, or car-stereo have the much better characteristics for acoustic guitar than using electric guitar amplifiers.

Artec AGE-AIR is designed to be able to use the common stereos like an acoustic guitar amplifier to use FM band.
The selection of frequency goes from 87Mhz~within 90Mhz range on your free choices.

printable sheet (PDF)

** Artec AGE-AIR has the adjusted output for the purpose of usage within the close distance like in the small sized room or cars. But it is not recommendable to use for a professional transmitter or in a large space like concert hall.

Besides AGE-AIR has the additional function of mixing the signal of the external microphone.
And it allows the players to mix their own voices and the guitar performance with the headset(normal headset for PC) and send them to the Amp and the fm-radio respectively.
When you do not use the External Mic, automatically it mixes the signal of the internal microphone to be able to make the output of blending the inner-body sound.

How to use
1. Turn on the FM radio, adjust the frequency, which has no station within 87Mhz~90Mhz range. **(The frequency in a station or interference can cause some undesirable noise )
2. Power on the FM transmitter of the AGE-AIR and try to match moving the tune knob slowly.
3. Set the very right frequency with no distortion through the fine-tuning even on the status of tune.
4. With the volume up some distortion may be caused according to the style of performance so we suggest controlling the volume according to your type of playing.

Power : Alkaline DC9V (006P) / 25mA@9V
EQ. Controls :
- Level : output level - Bass : -12dB ~ +12dB
- Middle : -12dB ~ +12dB - Treble : -12dB ~ +12dB
Mic. Blending Level Controls
External Mic. Jack (on panel)
Internal Microphone (bottom)
SW : FM transmitter power sw.
Frequency Tune : 87MHz ~ 90MHz

About certification
This product like 'Wireless microphone for home use', which does not require the 'user license' as a small power transmitter, but these is a case that some countries can request the certification regarding the small power transmitter for even this kind of products group.
AGE-AIR is as 'a part of musical instrument', the certification is for the complete products which built on(the final-commercial goods).
On the request of the certification from the customers, Artec provide the sample for certification and we recommend that they sell their guitars with printing the given certification on the paper tag or card, which is attached to the guitars.


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