Clip Launch Controller with 64 Buttons and Multi-Color LED

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      CMD TOUCH TC64Clip Launch Controller with 64 Buttons and Multi-Color LED Feedback
      - Clip launch controller for triggering audio clips and MIDI events
      - Intuitive 8x8 clip launch grid with navigation, mix and track control buttons
      - High visibility multi-color LED feedback shows status of each button
      - For use with Ableton Live* or other music production software
      - Novation Launchpad* compatibility mode
      - USB bus-powered compact design for ultimate portability
      - Compatible with Apple iPad* via USB Camera Adapter
      - Class-compliant MIDI-over-USB protocol for "plug and play" operation
      - 3-Year Warranty Program*
      - Designed and engineered in Germany
      CMD TOUCH TC64
      The CMD TOUCH TC64 is a powerful music controller that enables you to create music or mix tracks via its ultra-intuitive, 64-button multicolored launch grid – which provides instantaneous feedback on each button’s status. CMD TOUCH TC64 works...more >Clip Master
      The TC64 is the ideal clip-triggering and MIDI event controller, with 64 buttons that are brilliantly backlit in multiple colors and respond to MIDI feedback. All the performance buttons are laid out in an 8 x 8 grid and conveniently color-coded, so...more >A Stand Alone Controller
      Whether you’re a DJ, producer, recording engineer, or hobbyist, the CMD Touch TC64 makes getting a hand on your software easy and affordable. Designed to work as a standalone controller for a wide range of DJ and production software titles, TC64...more >Get Connected
      The CMD TOUCH TC64 connects directly to any available USB port on your Mac* or PC using the supplied USB cable. You can also connect to an Apple* iPad* or other iOS device via either the Apple Lightning* to USB Camera Adapter, or the Apple iPad...more >Value
      Thanks to its convenient and user-friendly grid layout, the CMD TOUCH 64 is everything you’re looking for in a USB, clip and MIDI event controller. With 64 tactile, multicolored finger pads that make the most of MIDI and more, generating...more >We have you covered



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