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BEHRINGER Voice Studio MIC500

Paquete completo de grabación con micrófono de condensador

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Paquete completo de grabación con micrófono de condensador de estudio, preamplificador de tubo con 16 voces de preamplificador e interfaz USB / audio

Paquete completo de grabación con micrófono de condensador de estudio, preamplificador de tubo con 16 voces de preamplificador e interfaz USB / audio

Complete Recording Bundle with Studio Condenser Mic, Tube Preamplifier with 16 Preamp Voicings and USB/Audio Interface
Product Features
Everything you need for studio quality recordings of microphone, instrument, line-level and podcasting

Get an audiophile quality recording "out of the box" including C-1 condenser microphone and MIC500USB vacuum tube preamp

Professional, large-diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality

Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedback rejection

Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Preamp Modeling Technology and USB/Audio Interface

Ultra-flexible Preamp Modeling allows you to optimize your recordings

Choose between 16 preamp voicings designed for electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass guitars, drums, vocals and more

Built-in USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer.

Powerful Phones output with Level control and Direct Monitor select

Sophisticated output limiter prevents the output signal from clipping

Dedicated low cut filter eliminates unwanted noise, e.g. floor rumble

+48 V phantom power, Phase Reverse switch and 20 dB Pad for utmost flexibility

Swivel stand mount, XLR microphone cable and USB cable included

Looking for the ideal way to express yourself? The VOICE STUDIO bundle has everything you need to make high-quality recordings, produce your own music and home recordings! Included in this incredible recording bundle you’ll find a MIC500USB vacuum tube preamp with USB audio interface and a studio-grade C-1 condenser microphone. Just add your favorite DAW and you’ll be up and running in mere moments – right out-of-the-box!

Tubes can really warm up a signal fast, giving it depth and character. Though transistors have succeeded the technology, many musicians agree that tubes deliver a far superior sound. The TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC500USB’s hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube gives everything from microphones to acoustic or bass guitars that vintage tube vibe – in a dependable and ultra-affordable package. Thanks to the MIC500USB’s built-in USB audio interface, you can connect directly to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source you connect to the MIC500USB can be recorded directly to your hard drive.

Studio-Grade C-1 Mic
The C-1 microphone is a professional-quality condenser microphone designed to capture your sound with incredible realism, sensitivity and accuracy. With C-1’s outstanding cardioid pickup pattern for excellent sound source separation and feedback rejection, this ultra-low noise mic is an excellent choice for any recording scenario. The C-1 just may be the only microphone your studio will ever need.

Superb Performance, Super-Affordable
Get on the air immediately with the fantastic VOICE STUDIO recording package. This amazing VOICE STUDIO bundle includes a MIC500USB vacuum tube preamp with USB audio interface, a C-1 studio-grade condenser microphone – and all the cables you’ll ever need. See your local Behringer dealer, or get your VOICE STUDIO online today – and let your voice be heard!


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