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BEHRINGER X-Touch Compact Universal USB/MIDI Controller

Controlador universal USB/Midi - Modo Mackie Control - 9 fa

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Controlador universal USB/Midi - Modo Mackie Control - 9 faders motorizados de 100 mm sensibles al toque - Modo Dual-Layer para alternar rápidamente entre control de DAW y de instrumentos - Editor software gratuito para configuración en profundidad - 16 controles rotatorios con collares LED - 39 botones iluminados, acceso directo a funciones - Interfaz MIDI USB incorporada para conexión directa a Mac y PC sin drivers - Puertos MIDI estándar de entrada y salida para controlar hardware externo sin necesidad de ordenador - Entradas footswitch y de pedal controlador - Hub USB alimentado multi-TT de dos puertos para añadir controladores adicionales

Universal USB/MIDI Controller with 9 Touch-Sensitive Motor Faders
Product Features
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Universal Remote Control for DAWs, Instruments, Effects and Lighting applications

Features Mackie Control* emulation mode for seamless integration with every compatible music production software

9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders

Dual-Layer mode for quick change between DAW and instrument control

Pre-configured control elements for instant operation out of the box

User-friendly editor application for in-depth configuration downloadable free of charge from www.behringer.com

16 rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly adjustments of your favorite parameters

39 dedicated illuminated buttons (including transport control) for direct access of key functions

Built-in USB MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac* or PC computers - no drivers required

Standard MIDI I/O ports for controlling external hardware without the need of a computer

Dedicated footswitch and foot controller input for external remote control

2-port powered multi-TT USB hub for connecting additional controllers

"Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~) and low power consumption for energy saving

3-Year Warranty Program*

Designed and engineered in Germany

The X-TOUCH COMPACT Universal USB/ MIDI Controller gives you precise control over your favorite DAW, instruments, effects and lighting systems with the fluidity of 9 touch-sensitive and fully- automated motorized faders, 16 rotary encoders with LED collars – and 39 illuminated buttons. Free yourself from the mouse-click paradigm with X-TOUCH's preconfigured presets – or customize your own configurations to master the art of on-the-fly adjustments as ever before!

Universal Control
Universal Control
Today’s DAWs, instruments, effects and lighting applications are designed to interface with controllers that enable users to make high-precision changes with minimal effort. Built-in Mackie Control* emulation allows your X-TOUCH COMPACT to work with virtually any professional audio production software imaginable – as soon as you take it from the box – no setup required!

Faders that Dance with Your Music
Faders that Dance with Your Music
Your music is the embodiment of your imagination and creativity. Your controller should be equally inspired and dynamic in its response to your creation. That’s why the X-TOUCH COMPACT features 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders. Every move or automation you write can be seen in the movements of each fader in real time, perfectly synced with your DAW.

Control More
Control More
Dual-Layer Mode provides lightning-fast switching between DAW and instrument control. Preconfigured control elements let you connect the X-TOUCH COMPACT for instant operation right out of the box, or download our user-friendly editor application for in-depth configuration, free of charge from www.behringer.com.

A Symphony of Lights
A Symphony of Lights
16 beautifully equipped rotary controls featuring LED-collars that provide an amber-hued visual read out couple with 39 illuminated buttons to make the X-TOUCH COMPACT a feast for the eyes as well as the hands. They provide direct access to preconfigured or user-mapped key functions. Know in brilliant color if a channel is muted or soloed and see how hot the level is pumping as you make changes during recording or mixing. Arm multiple tracks or adjust panning at the same time and marvel at how you ever relied on a mouse to do a controller’s job. The built-in USB interface allows you to connect the COMPACT directly to your Mac or PC for easy right out-of-the-box installation – no drivers required.

A Tale of Two MIDIs
A Tale of Two MIDIs
Complete USB and 5-pin MIDI integration means you’ll be able to interface with more of your favorite devices. Easily connect to a computer via the primary USB port, while simultaneously connecting an external MIDI device.

Connect, Control, Expand
Connect, Control, Expand
The dedicated footswitch connector and one foot controller input provide external remote control. The powered multi-TT USB hub provides connectivity for 2 more controllers so it can grow with your career. A "Planet Earth" switching power supply gives you maximum flexibility and efficiency for energy savings. Best of all – the X-TOUCH COMPACT will work flawlessly wherever and whenever you plug it in.

Bring it All Together
Bring it All Together
The ultra-compact design easily fits in your backpack and allows cascading or adding other X-TOUCH models. Power is supplied via your USB bus, so you no need to carry a power supply – and the high-quality, rugged construction means you'll have this trusty MINI-workhorse by your side for years to come.

Visit your local dealer or online reseller and get hands-on control of your software in a way you never thought possible. The X-TOUCH MINI lives up to the old adage that big things come in small packages!


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