8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 175 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets

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      XD80USBHigh-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 175 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets, LCD Display and USB/MIDI Interface
      - 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS240USB sound module
      - Ships ready to rock with everything you need to start immediately
      - 10 factory presets plus 5 user-programmable drum sets
      - Large LCD and icon-driven user interface for easy operation
      - USB and MIDI interfaces to connect with any virtual instrument and drum software (not included)
      - HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology provides an authentic drumming experience
      - 175 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds
      - Realistic-feeling, natural playing trigger pads and cymbals
      - Dual-zone snare and tom pads for drum head and rim playing techniques
      - Dual-zone crash and ride cymbals for bell and rim playing styles
      - Audio input to play along with your iPod*, iPhone*, iPad*, or MP3 player
      - Built-in sequencer for play-along practice and performance
      - Professionally composed tracks cover a wide variety of musical styles
      - All sounds are velocity-sensitive for natural dynamic response
      - 3-Year Warranty Program*
      - Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
      - Includes: 
      - HDS240USB sound module 
      - Kick pedal, pad and stand 
      - 1 x 8” dual-zone snare pad 
      - 3 x 8” dual-zone pads 
      - 3 x 12” cymbals 
      - Hi-hat trigger pedal 
      - Drum rack with mounting hardware 
      - Multi-pin breakout cable for easy setup 
      - Pair of drumsticks 
      - Drum tool 
      - Quick start guide and assembly instructions
      The XD80USB 8-piece electronic drum set comes with everything you need to lay down the groove including a professional-grade kick pedal with trigger pad; dual-zone snare for standard head and rim play; 3 x 8" dual-zone pads; 3 x 12" dualzone...more >Ready to Rock Right Out-of-the Box
      We know how much you love to play, so we designed the XD80USB drum kit for fast and easy, tool-free setup. Just pull the kit out of the box, position the drum and cymbal pads the way you like ’em and plug in; it’s just that simple. The XD80USB also...more >True-to-Life Feel
      The way drums “feel” is one of the most important factors, especially for drummers who use electronic drums for practice and then return to an acoustic kit for live performance. So we gave our pads a natural rubber surface, which mimics the feel of...more >USB/MIDI Audio Interface
      One of the XD80USB’s coolest features is the built-in USB/MIDI interface, which allows you to connect to your computer and external MIDI sound modules. This incredible functionality lets you tap into your virtual instruments, drum software and DAW...more >Sound Quality
      Easy setup and feel are important, but how does the XD80USB sound? Thanks to our HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology you get top-notch studio drum, percussion and cymbal sounds, all of which are velocity sensitive for your most-nuanced...more >We have you covered



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