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Silenciador reducción de ruido Preamplificador Vintage

$ 200.000
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DBX 563X Silencer, Noise Reduction, Instrument Preamp

Direct instrument preamp input in the front for guitar, bass, keys or other instruments

Unit is Tested and Functions Well

The DBX 563x silencer is a great problem solver. It was made to reduce tape hiss for analog tape. It's a single ended noise reduction. The great thing is, It has an instrument input, a line level input, a line level output marked as "High" and an instrument level output marked a "Low". It also has a bypass, a slider for noise reduction, instrument input volume, and a stereo input and switch for combining two units. It has an internal power supply and is half rack. The bypass is not hard wire. It cuts off the noise reduction if set.

Because of all the ins and outs, it works great as a reamp, using the line level input and an instrument level output. I love it for this application and have had better luck then through a passive transformer versions.

It works as a DI using the instrument input and line level output. It uses a fet preamp for instrument input. If you have2 you can use 1 for reamping and the other for returning the signal from instrument level back to line level.

Noise reduction
It works great for reducing noise on a previously recorded guitar track. You can also use it on a snare track to take out some hi hat.

Digital harshness reducer
The noise reduction slide works to reduce digital harshness and make a track a bit warmer. Works better than most warming plugins for this.

The sound is pretty clean when no gain reduction is being used. The only negative is all of the ins and outs are not balanced. I put 1:1 transformers on the outputs for balancing but this is not needed. The best thing is they go for about $30. They are so versatile, I have 5.


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